Monday, May 22, 2006

i know i know

i haven't updated, but the thing is, there's just so much else going on. I should just come right out and tell you, you know, i'm a very busy man. I mean, i've been working on this little beta of the site, where you know, it changes a lot, and there's no rhyme or reason in the layout right now, but you get a sense of it. You click around. it's got links to other stuff besides me, but you know, it's not obvious. but if i got all tricky about it, which i think i might, you could see how it could be cool.

And you know, flexible.

like you're being with me. You're being flexible. Letting me work it out. Get it sorted in the ol' pallette.

It's like this on going process you know, where like, i saw this picture, and it made me think of how it would be a cool splash page, but it wasn't my picture, which in a way made it very funny to me, but it was just a whim. And doing things on a whim can have consequences. Or at least, that's what i hear.

So check it out. There's pictures coming. I just got a little overwhelmed when i saw them all on the edit tonight. I really gotta start hiring interns for the night shift.

more soon,




Blogger danconnortown said...

i was out to dinner with the mistress of ITBK tonight, and she mentioned that there was a bit in the blog that lead her to believe that a picture on the blog, wasn't a picture that i took, but in fact, it's not the case. the picture of the girl in the red dress, i did take. Yes. I took it. but the picture of which i was talking about, the inspiration for flipping my site on its ear, that's the picture i meant, it's a picture of this dude. (not any dude here) but a dude that i know. And i discovered it when i was poking around on this link, which i won't put here, but i will put somewhere, sometime. But i just wanted to be clear on that. I mean, the legs and the dress? that's Lacey Langston. And you know i like to take a picture of her. But the picture you don't see? i didn't take it. Brad Swonetz did. And that's sort of why i didn't put it up. but a part of me is considering just switching my splash page around to reflect that one instead.

but i won't. I'm only going to go to bed instead. Rest up for my wednesday. You know. Do it like that. Read a book. Because if i start tweaking that splash page now? OH man. it'll be 3 in the morning before i stop, and even then, it doesn't put more pictures in front of you. So i'll just lie on that comfy cloud of a bed of mine.

7:45 PM  
Blogger destroyer said...

i'll be your intern. just keep me fed, and knee deep in those impossibly hot and interesting ny girls.

11:05 AM  

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