Thursday, February 18, 2010

the present

There's almost no way to really explain it. I mean, there was a time when I would sit and type, and say something every day. I'd take pictures and post them every day. Then there came a time when I took the pictures, but I didn't post them, and I wouldn't say anything about them either. Eventually, I didn't do anything at all.

One day, I started taking pictures again, and posting them, but to the tumblr. Something easier, something I could do on the fly, and that didn't seem so bad. I didn't find myself wanting to punch a hole through the screen of my ever aging G5 every time I opened a photograph. It had become so easy, there was really no need for words. But there was always this moth-balled old site still just sitting here, and it came with the expectation that there would be some words here and there on this little blog attached to the splash page.

Meh, I got a new camera, I got a new computer, I got a new printer, I got new lenses, new software, anything else I could possibly need, and -

-the thing is, I'm just in a period of non-blogging. Thich Nat Hahn would call it a period of non-work, but really, what's the difference? 1 post in July, 1 post in August, another in October, and now this. That's not really blogging, that's more like an apartment that I had once, where I would just stop by once a month to pay the rent.

Hell, come to think of it, that's happened a few times in this ol' life. So it's kind of like that. Maybe one day I'll come back here and move in, dust off the ol' book shelves and have something to say about the adventures, but for now, I'm just doing the adventures.

Check back any ol' time. There'll always be a light on, and hell... the archives are at least as good as the void. Enjoy -

Good times,

dTown - listening to Duke Ellington - it's 50˚ and a little cloudy.


Anonymous Charles Minnich said...

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