Monday, July 09, 2007


I had a million ideas just a minute ago. I looked at the clock and it was like, man. What was that one idea? But I was taking notes. These pix were just baaa. I don't know. I mean, there was this truck full of goats that took a little flip here, and I can't think straight. I mean, goats. You know? They're not made for the freeway. You don't see a lot of goats out on the roadway. So I got to thinking about that and it was distracting. I started looking up goat shirts and buttons and magnets and all kinds of goat stuff. There's a whole goat culture. I mean, people are REALLY into it. Rest In Peace goats.

Saw that movie, The Bridge today. That was a real uplifter. Felt like I just walked out of the original Back to the Future movie. Just so PUMPED. Also saw Sicko, that other movie by that one guy. HA now THAT movie made me feel good. Wow. It got me so excited to think about 911 all over again, so then I watched Loose Change v2.0 because I wasn't quite where I needed to be in my head. I like to keep myself fresh with all the good news.

So then, I felt finely tuned again. Those three movies really bring it home for you, especially if you watch them back to back. So I was reading this book, (to kind of smooth out the edges) Spiritual Enlightenment, The Damnedest Thing. Ha Ha! I mean that one, really gets to the meat of it. (Synopsis, it's all bullshit. Everything. Zen, Buddha, Bush, Paris Hilton, ALL OF IT.) So, at least now I know. I mean what was killing me about this book, was I actually think like that guy writes. And here I thought I was unique. I was special. But No. I'm not even anybody. I'm nothing. You're nothing. We're all nothing. We just ARE, and we can't even prove THAT. Heavy. (don't forget to rotate the goat milk)

So then to help with that little mental adjustment, I started playing some Pavement. Always seems to help.

good times,

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

thinking like he does is the best way to feel horrible about your life and living in general. i am sorry that you feel crappy, but you really should start reminding yourself how talented you are and how much joy you continue to bring into other people's lives.

7:46 PM  
Blogger danconnortown said...

ha ha. Thanks. I do appreciate that. I hope you didn't misread my tone. I don't feel crappy, I feel ALIVE! Like I'm at least as good at thinking about things as a fully enlightened guru. It's kind of tongue in cheek, but it's good. Thanks ANON!

11:46 PM  
Blogger Marc said...

there are fainting goats. used to be they were cheap and easy to find. so hearders would keep one or two of them around the real expensive animals. the ones worth it. the saving until it's time to not save them ones, you know? meat. but not meat to throw away on a dumb stealy predator. so a wolf or bear or whatever would go after the heard and these fainting goats would get freaked out and, well, faint. they would get eaten instead of the animals the humans wanted to eat.

get it? scapegoat.

10:46 AM  

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