Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Sd Radicals

interesting blog i discovered this morning. I was pointed to this blog that was all filled with Jesus Christ and his cronies, and found myself fairly repulsed. But then, i clicked NEXT BLOG (please) and came upon the High Plains Drifter. That's a blog i can appreciate. That's my kinda bible. So i got to thinking, "hmmm... must really be different strokes for different folks." (who knew?) I mean, it made me wonder if there really really are people out there who think bush is all well and good AND god is great.

check out the link man. If you're anything like me, you're gonna like it. I've also posted the link down there in my things to be aware of column.

I discovered another feature on my camera this morning. I call it The Porthole Feature. I wanted to call it the peep hole feature, but the thing is, a peephole is super wide angle right? so, Port Hole then. I'm going to go out today and shoot off a few virtual rolls with it, and show you later. Today's scroll is like, my boring scroll. I like to do those once in a while. It's like, me trying to show how cold it is in a photo, and what i drank for breakfast, and lobsta night, and my experience with the JMZ. Oh, and then there's this picture from when i dumped some weed into my cigarette and hotboxed it.

It's not a post i'm proud of, but you know, i'm trying to keep the workflow moving. you know, regular updates and stuff like that. Keeping it real.

I don't know if you're up to speed on the muscle car, monster trucks theme that's been striking the american auto makers lately, but i saw that new camero today, and that challenger is pretty stout, i don't have a problem with these cars. I saw a big pick up too. It looks like a monster. I mean, they keep making consumer pick up trucks look more and more like actual tractor trailer trucks. I guess there's a lot more people pulling horse trailers and stuff around, or maybe they use them for the chassis of big fucking firetrucks or something, but my word, they're getting big aren't they?! And how about them kids over at Rolls Royce? I mean, it's not like the last year's phantom was short on leg room to begin with... this car is now 20 feet long. I mean, ok. it's definitely cooler than any Hummer Limo, which i find very obnoxious, but... you know? you're only going to put five people in there, MAX. Ah, whatever. it's cool. It's a cool car.

Ha ha! i turned my blog into a car blog.

Oh, my friend victor was giving me crap about the site today. (i guess because i had just said that i thought his was cool...) yea. he says it's a bitch to navigate. I don't know. what's so hard about it? Let me know folks. I mean, if i'm going to redesign it, it'd be cool to know stuff like, "oh, hey connortown, your site is really hard to navigate..." before i start.

anyway, i'm out. gotta make some porthole shots.

dTown listening to patti rothberg, 38˚


Blogger madt said...

so if someone loves the Lord Jesus Christ, he's a nutball in texas? that's a pretty narrow world view...

2:00 PM  
Blogger danconnortown said...

yea. i understand what you're saying. And i'm sorry that you didn't understand what i was saying. That's okay. Different strokes for different folks. THAT'S what i'm saying.

regarding that particular site, well. i was pointed to it with the impression that it was something serious and valid, and not "...like the vaaaaaaaaaast majority of these whiny, vapid, html-based, personal vomitariums" known to the rest of us as simply "blogs" So, i might have had my expectations up too high. But really, it came off very preachy, and a lot strong on the "GOD IS GREAT" stuff.

Incidentally, David Koresh wasn't the nutball. It was Janet Reno. Now, SHE'S a crazy muthafucka.

And of course, anyone is welcome to love the lord jesus christ until kingdom come: provided they understand he wasn't the "white guy with a beard" we've all come to recognize, and nothing like the one the churches have been ramming down the throat of society since before the crusades.

He was actually a pretty hip dude, and he didn't care for folks fawning over him as though he were god himself. That was the whole point of his visit. But we don't need to debate religion. I'm sure the folks that need to understand me, in the spiritual sense, have a good grasp of who i am. And this is really a website dedicated to poking the ribs from time to time.

10:50 PM  
Blogger madt said...

ah, i dig ya. all these folks sho nuff got some different strokes... and nothing gets folks' strokes flowin' like some spiritual speechifyin' i suppose. *virtual nods of understanding, a handshake and some platonic male shoulder thumping*

11:58 AM  

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