Sunday, April 01, 2007

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nice. i got through all the pictures from the trip out and it's nice to get them up there. I had to pull out of brooklyn a little ahead of schedule to beat the blizzard, and in the end i caught the tail end of the storm as it passed through virginia. I think the trip took a couple of weeks, 10 or 11 days anyway, a bit longer than i'd expected, but it wasn't a race either.

as soon as the last boxes were gone from the apartment, I took to driving south and huffing fumes. The car had a mighty scent of fuel, but it was raining from Jersey to Tenessee, and then a few nice days in Kentucky, followed by more rain till Arkansas. That's where I was finally able to source the gas smell, and ultimately the ungodly consumption of 89 octane super de-caf. A 2 dollar hose and "PRESTO!" the car saves about 40 gallons a day.

I think i'll have to come back to this story, i feel like there are too many little stories here to get lost on... The photos flow pretty close to sequential from brooklyn to marin county, and you'll see that there were a few stops to the shop along the way, you'll see my uncle, my niece, my brother, and The United States of America playing the part of "the backdrop" for an overwhelming series of photos involving my favorite Oldsmobile, ( as yet unnamed, and referred to as many things, each of which are endearing if not at least sincere ) Brownie. hmmm... i think that car just named himself.

anyway, you'll get a sense of it, and after i've had a nap, i may come back and add a few bits to the story. But if i don't, I mean, if i don't come back to the story of the trip, you can write me and ask what you want to know about it, and i'll tell you.

good times,

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Blogger Liz said...

oh that western sky.

10:59 AM  
Blogger Vandal #6 said...

Great story told...I LOVE the popcorn, cigarettes & C clamp tripod!
In the shadow of the bird,

1:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fantastic Dan, you made it. I think you will be happier. I am curious as to what you will do next?

You car is funny, are you actually going to drive it around San Jose? Aren't they really into the environment out there?

Maybe monster garage will see your ride and pimp your rod? Put digital screens and Editing software so you can edit you site while you drive?

You should give em a call or send a few pics to their site.

AB motors or Monster garge. It's a show on kable.


11:03 PM  
Blogger WESLEY said...

Here's a link to my site if you want to see pics of pari land.

If you post a few comments I will be motivated to put up mo pics?


11:06 PM  
Blogger IF THE BIRDS KNEW said...

do you wanna trade places and you could go live in Cambridge?

4:53 AM  

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